16.06.2017 19:25

Hola este viernes 16 de junio hacemos un paseo divertido e interesante para conocer las TABERNAS mas antiguas de Madrid. Muchas curiosidades sobre su historia, sus historias, los personajes mas importantes que las visitaron etc.  

TOUR GRATUITO, FREE TOUR Viernes   En la puerta de Apple   
Tour the centenary taverns of Madrid! Loaded with history,emblematic tapas and anecdotes, we will know all about this while we take a pleasant walk around the center of the city. We will be at 19.25 h. in front of the Apple Store at Puerta del Sol, to start the route at 19.30 h. Bilingual English/Spanish tour. Join now! 
We are visiting more than 12 beautiful, singular and history-loaded centenary taverns, and we will end it in style, at the oldest restaurant worldwide!! 

During the tour we would stop once to have a drink and taste some speciality. (Each assistant pays their own beverage, and the tour is free, we will just appreciate that you would value the activity at the end and chip in with what you consider proper). THANK YOU. 
Tour guide: ISABEL
Viernes 16  19.30h   Puerta del SOL junto APPLE